Hitachi C12LSH Miter saw Review

Hitachi C12LSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter saw Review

Hitachi C12LSH 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter sawHitachi C12LSH Review: Another miter saw from the trusted Hitachi brand comes in the form of the Hitachi C12LSH 12-Inch Compound Miter saw. This saw can easily slice through a variety of material in order to provide users with the cleanest, smoothest and most accurate of cuts imaginable.

Hitachi C12LSH Miter saw Review

Hitachi C12LSH

The C12LSH comes with plenty of features including a laser marking system, and a powerful 15 amp motor capable of producing 3800 rpm. The unit also features a revolutionary compact slide system. The saw glides smoothly and it is dead square right out of the box.

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The Hitachi C12LSH 12-Inch Compound Miter saw is one of those saws that needs to be mentioned when talking about high-quality miter saws.

Powered by a 15amp, 3800rpm motor, this unit easily slices through plywood, soft plastics, crown molding, soft fiberboard, aluminum and hardwood. The bevel scale of this unit ranges from 0-45 degrees in both the left and right direction, which allows users to easily make opposing cuts. The miter scale ranges between 0-46 degrees in the left and right direction, and 57 degrees to the right.

Hitachi C12LSH 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter saw One of the best features about this miter saw is its laser light guiding system. This feature allows users to predict exactly where the blade will slice through, giving them the chance to make adjustments to the material and blade placement as necessary. The laser light can then be used as a guide to make sure all cuts are straight and accurate.

The liquid crystal display (LCD) of the Hitachi C12LSH Sliding Miter saw allows for easier miter and bevel readings. This feature can swivel in almost any direction to give users a clear view of the readings from any angle. The overall unit comes with a five year warranty.


  • Powered by a 15amp, 3800rpm motor
  • Laser light guiding system
  • Innovative LCD screen
  • Comes equipped with a box wrench, dust bag and vice assembly
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Customer Reviews

“I’ve used 4-5 other brands, and while I appreciate the bells and whistles of this saw, the fit and function are just exceptional. And at 430 bucks including shipping if you have Prime, it’s about 1/3 list, and about 1/2 what I saw it priced for in brick and mortar stores. Menards could get it for 700 bucks and take a week or more to have it special ordered, and they’re generally great for tools. But I got it in less than three days.

And if you haven’t had a CMS around, get one. I use it for so much general stuff, I unloaded my radial arm saw, which just gathered dust. And the slide gives it much more versatility. I’ve got it mounted on a Rigid stand with wheels and supports, and this combination can’t be beat for jobs.”

  G Mark Stewart, Amazon Customer Review

“I have used a number of different chop saws during my weekly volunteer work over the last nine years with Habitat for Humanity. The Hitachi Dual Bevel Sliding Compound saw w/ Laser Guide and Digital Bevel Display is undoubtedly head and shoulder above anything else I have ever operated. It is expensive but it is convenient to use and is smooth.

My only complaint is with the poor packing they do for shipment. You get the saw and a cardboard box. That’s it. One part was bent when I received the saw but Hitachi replaced it immediately (I mean almost overnight). Great saw. I would buy it again.”

    David C. Carriker, Amazon Customer Review

A majority of users who reviewed this model are more than happy with the saw’s quality. The unit does as advertised in providing individuals with a quick and easy way of making accurate and precise cuts. The LCD screen and laser light have been highly commended. One drawback to this product is that weighing 66.1lbs, it is not exactly lightweight.

The Hitachi C12LSH has been reviewed by 58 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.9 out of 5.0.

  • One of the best features about this unit is its innovative LCD screen, which allows users to easily see the miter and bevel readings from any angle. This prevents a user from making costly and time-consuming mistakes.
  • The laser light guiding system of the Hitachi C12LSH Miter saw with Laser Guide gives users an easier way of ensuring that all cuts are straight and accurate. he laser beam is exact ,a narrow beam and you can easily adjust where you want it ,before ,after or in the blade centre.
  • It glides very nicely and all the adjustments were spot on from the box.
  • The saw has long extension bars on each end to hold your long wood pieces
  • The 60 tooth blade that comes standard with it is a general purpose blade perfect for most jobs.
  • One of the things that users may not enjoy about this unit is its weight. The overall device weighs a total of 66.1 pounds, which makes it heavier than other miter saws on the market nowadays.


Overall, the Hitachi C12LSH Miter saw is a practical buy for individuals looking for a high-quality miter saw with a laser light guiding system. Most users are impressed by the ease of use and the accuracy of the laser. The digital gauge is one of the features that differentiates this saw from the rest.

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