Milwaukee 6950-20 Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw Milwaukee 6950-20 Review: One popular and powerful miter saw on the market nowadays is the Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw. People say you can never go wrong with a Milwaukee product, and maybe this saw proves them right.

This saw promises users smooth and accurately cut pieces, all through an easy and hassle-free process.

Milwaukee 6950-20 Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee 6950-20

The 6950-20 features a direct drive motor powered by a 15amp motor that is capable of producing 3 .3 horsepower ensuring enough power is delivered at every cut. The saw is calibrated right out the box so you can get to work straight away. The bevel adjustment is easy to use.

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The Milwaukee 6950-20 is a miter saw powered by a 15amp, 3250rpm motor with 3.3 Amps max horsepower. This allows the device to cut through the thinnest of ply woods to the hardest of lumbers.

Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw The miter angle fine adjust feature of this saw gives users an easy and convenient way of dialing in the exact miter angles they want for their project. This works well together with the miter angle digital readout system, which provides users repeatable accuracy down to 0.1 degrees.

The work space area is illuminated by the saw’s dual-integral jobsite lights. This decreases errors due to poor visibility and low readability. Cut lines from both sides of the 12-inch blade are illuminated as well.

This unit does not come with a simple dust bag. It is, however, equipped with an integral dust channel which manages to catch up to 75% off all the sawdust and debris that fall off materials while being sawed. This allows for cleaner operations and less time for clean-ups. The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw comes with a five year warranty.


  • Powered by a 15amp motor
  • Miter angle fine adjust
  • Miter angle digital readout
  • Dual-integral jobsite lights
  • Integral dust channel
  • Comes with a five year warranty

Customer Reviews

“I’ve owned this saw for a couple of years and love it. I love the digital readout for miter cuts. The 12″ blade and the slide allow me to make huge crosscuts. A few small negatives. First, this saw is very deep so you need to set it out from the wall quite a ways. Second dust collection isn’t great even when I hook it up to my Delta Dust Collector. Overall though I would definitely buy this saw again.”

Anthony L Maurer, Amazon Customer Review

“I have not been compelled to write a review before but this saw is the best saw on the market – hands down. I’ve had the other “best-in-breed” saws, Bosch & DeWalt – no contest….buy it.”

  William Gockeler, Amazon Customer Review

“I have been looking for a miter saw for a while now. I purchased this saw a few weeks ago at Home Depot for $450. When I got it home the blade was not square to the table and it took me a bit to get it adjusted. Once square, the saw works well. It stays true and is very easy to use. I am very happy with the saw.”

  Ryan Weber, Amazon Customer Review

Overall, the Milwaukee 6950-20 Miter Saw has received mostly positive reviews. Users are satisfied with the unit’s performance and state that it functions as advertised. All of its features work well.

  • Users have complimented the Milwaukee 6950-20 Saw on its dual integral jobsite lights. Not a lot of miter saws come with this feature, and it is extremely helpful in rooms with poor lighting or during the night when visibility is low.
  • The Milwaukee 6950-20 is perfectly square out of the box.
  • The Digital miter display is great when you use the fine-adjustment lever
  • The device’s integral dust channel has been deemed helpful as well in allowing for easier clean-ups.
  • The saw is light-weight and has 3-4 nice handles to move it around.
  • The bevel adjustment is very easy as well.
  • Some users have commented over the unit’s not having a dual laser system.


In conclusion, the Milwaukee 6950-20 Saw is a practical buy for anybody looking for a powerful miter saw. The saw is light-weight and can be moved easily using its 3-4 nice handles. The work lights run independently on their own separate switch and are a great addition.

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