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MITER SAW GUIDEIf you are like me, your probably tired of reading the various promotional articles out there that only try to endorse that a particular miter saw is the best miter saw on the market. 

Why should you trust these miter saw reviews? Is it just their personal experience or based on a look at many reviews to get a better idea about the unit your interested in? 


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If your still reading our Guide the your someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any old miter saw, you want the best miter saw possible. We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good saw but if your like me then you want the absolute best miter saw possible, and so we’re here to help.

The team here at Bestmitersawguide have conducted research into the most popular models available and have produced our Buyers Guide, Detailed reviews and a Comparison table to give you all the information you will need to choose your next saw.

Miter Saw Buyers Guide

What is a Miter Saw?

Lets start by defining what a Miter saw is, also called as “mitre saw”, it refers to a saw (wood cutting tool), that is used for creating miters and crosscuts with accuracy in a given work piece. They are specified for cross cuts and bevel cuts. However, long cuts are not possible with miter saws. They are largely used in furniture and frame making.

Different types

Miter saws are classified into two types which are further divided to their sub types:

  1. Manual
  2. Power driven


A manual miter saw is a straight, fine toothed and short hand driven saw used for making fine cuts on millwork. To avoid buckling of saw blade, it is also provided with an extra support at its top. It is a totally human operated simple hand tool. It is used with a miter box. This miter box works as a tray to hold the workpiece or the job in place and guides saw during the sawing operation. Miter box has slits on its sides that allow the saw to fit inside. Also, it has grooves at its bottom that helps to cut the wood throughout.

A three sided miter box is commonly used, which is open at ends and at its top. Earlier, workers used to make their own miter boxes of wood. Nowadays, readymade miter boxes are available, which are made of either molded plastic or cast aluminum. In some of miter boxes, clamps are also provided to hold small pieces tightly while cutting.

The manual saws are used mostly for fine cuts on millwork. It is usually used for 45 degree angled cuts, which allows worker to join two pieces of wood at right angles. Many other angles are also provided on the miter box. 90 and 45 degrees angle cuts are provided by all the boxes. To cut a piece, it is placed in the miter box and the cutting point is aligned with the required angle slot in the box wall. The saw blade is placed in the slot and is moved back and forth. This slot guides the saw throughout the cut and keeps the blade perpendicular to the face of the wooden piece or board.

While cutting smaller pieces, it becomes difficult to hold the piece. To solve this problem, clamping boxes are also provided. The piece to be cut is held firmly by the clamps, and hence the cutting process is made easier and more accurate. In this modern world, although manual miter saw has been largely displaced by power driven saws, it is still used in picture frame making industry. As there is no rotating blade, it is a safe and easy to use wood cutting tool. Also, hand driven saw is a cheap tool  that is preferred by workers who have less workload and enough time.

Power Driven

A manual saw needs human power to operate. It works well for workers with less workload or light jobs. But for workers with heavy workload a manual unit does not fulfill their requirements. So, for heavy workloads, power driven saws are used. Power driven saw is a power operated tool which is used to make accurate cuts in a given workpiece within a less time. They are used for cutting frames and moldings.

Power driven saw has a circular blade rotating at very high rpm, which is placed on the workpiece in a controlled motion. Miter index given on the saw helps in setting a required angle of the blade with respect to the holding fence. Holding fence is the holding tool that firmly holds the workpiece. Some of power driven saws also provide a laser guide, to give a visual indication throughout the cutting process. This laser tells the positioning of the blade on the workpiece before the worker starts cutting. Some models have single line whereas others have double lines for reference.

In power driven saws, an electric motor rotates a blade that cuts the work piece. The blade has several teeth at its circumference. For soft wood, less costly steel blades are used. High speed blades are used for hard wood. Carbide tipped blade are the high costing blades that work on all kind of wood.

There are mainly 3 types of power driven saws available:

  • Compound
  • Double Compound
  • Sliding Compoud

Compound Units

A compound miter saw is a power driven saw used to make angled and bevel cuts in a given workpiece. Bevel, here means that the blade of the saw can be tilted sideways. It has a rotating vertical pivot that allows tilting the cutter head and blade. Rotating the head allows worker to cut angled cuts in both the planes. Compound saw blades and motors are mounted on a pivoted arm, this combination is brought down on the material using a handle. The material is tightly clamped to the heavy base of the saw. The word “compound” means the angle of the blade, which is adjustable in horizontal and vertical plane.  Angle adjustments are provided on the compound saw.

These types of models also provided with a blade guard. As working with blade rotating on high speeds is highly dangerous, a blade guard covers the teeth of the blade. Now days, miter saws also have blade guards that automatically retract. On lowering the blade on the workpiece, the cover retracts, and on raising the blade, it recovers the blade. Compound saws are also provided with dust bags that collect all the sawdust from the wood during the cutting process.

As the workpiece is fixed on the fence, and saw head moves, chances of kickback are negligible. This makes it a safer cutting tool for the working person. Compound miter saws are best suited for cutting narrow or small pieces of wood. They are power tools that are also used for cutting materials like cumber etc.  As the pivoted point is strongly fixed to heavy base of the saw tool, the cuts made are very precise and are easily repeatable. They can be used to make cross, miter, bevel, miter + bevel i.e. compound cuts.

They are light in weight, less costly than double compound miter saws. They are easier, accurate and faster than manual miter saw box and handsaw combination. For simple tasks, light weight models are used. Simple compound miter saws are costlier than manual saws, but are much cheaper than double and sliding compound miter saws.

Double Compound Units

In a simple compound saw, the operator can tilt the saw head plus the blade only in one direction. Due to this, an operator has to flip the workpiece again and again to make several cuts. But dual compound units are advanced version of simple compound models, solves this problem.

In compound miter saw, the saw head + blade arrangement can be tilted in both sides i.e. left and right. Using double compound miter saw, complicated angle cuts can be done with great ease. It gets its name due to this dual tilting property. The workpiece is held by a fence, same as in case of simple compound miter saw.

Using a double bevel compound saw, worker can make compound and bevel cuts in both the directions, without the need to flip the large stock. This makes working convenient and efficient. Double compound miter saws are used widely in crown molding.

Double compound miter saw is same as the compound miter saw, with an added function of dual tilting option.

Sliding Compound Units

Simple compound units are good tools for cutting angled cuts or bevels. But the problem arises when a board of wider area is under operation. Simple and double compound units fail in this case. For such wider boards, a sliding type compound model is used. Sliding compound miter saw is a kind of compound saw, which has horizontally sliding arms that allows cutter head to move horizontally, so that cuts on wider boards can be obtained.

These units work in the same way as simple compound unit, but has an added functionality of sliding horizontally. Sliding compound miter saws are available both in single and double compound types. In sliding compound miter saw, rails are provided, which allows front back sliding motion of the motor blade. But due to this, the range of pivot mechanism is narrowed, which limits the thickness of the material that can be cut.

Sliding compound miter saws are used to make cross, miter, bevel and miter + bevel cuts on the wider boards. This makes the work easy and saw can be slid easily on the wood and cut it. In most sliding compound saws, crosscutting capacity is more than 12 inches.

Sliding compound miter saws are made strong enough, so that the accuracy doesn’t decreases when moved or tilted. Adjustable stops of 45 and 90 degrees are usually provided for tilting of head, so that angle can be adjusted easily and accurately. Sliding compound miter saw requires large space and fits in large workshops. It is the most expensive saw out of the all types. It is a heavier saw as compared to compound saws, and is almost non-portable.

Rundown of Key Features

A Miter saw provides accurate, efficient and versatile results than a table saw or a hand saw. It can be used for cutting decks, window frames, door frames and any furniture where precise angle is important. Since it is very handy, any woodworker would want to add this to their power tool collection.

The powerful results and convenience that these saws give are extraordinary. However, several kinds of saws exist in the market and their features vary from one another. So before you decide to buy one, you better understand the features of it and choose the best model for your needs.Bosch 5312 Compound Miter Saw

Wide Miter Range

One of the best features of a miter saw is its wide miter range. Manufacturers of the product typically offer a range of 50” to a maximum of 60”. Since there is a variation of miter range, it is very important to choose the type of specification you really need. Some materials might not go well on a narrow miter range while others work perfectly on a wider miter range. In order to obtain the right range, determine your needs and choose a more flexible miter range. If you are having a hard time choosing, ask recommendations from friends who might have been familiar with miter saws.

Easy to Read Indexes

It is very important to work efficiently and accurately. Some models have easy-to-read indexes wherein it can transparently be seen while cutting. This is beneficial because it minimizes errors and it also promotes safety on your part. You can read the visible indexes on the miter and bevel so you will not have a hard time working on this tool. Aside from that, the easy-to-read indexes allow you to cut any wood surfaces properly. Errors are minimized and good results are achieved.

Positive Stops

The main reason why positive stops are necessary in any unit is it allows the user to adjust the angles easily. Cutting wood or any types of material is not just a one-sided direction. Most of the time, it requires certain angles to perfect the craft. To make sure that the right angles are obtained, having easy and adjustable positive stops is beneficial. Always take time to check the miter saw whether it has positive stops or not. This kind of feature also varies from one manufacturer to the other so make sure that you get the right positive stop for your convenience.

Sliding Fence

Working on complex furniture can be challenging. With the sliding fence feature of saws, the cutting process would be a lot easier. It provides a full-height support in order to cut the boards with wider dimensions. You just have to choose a durable miter saw that has this feature so that it is not difficult to work on the material and faster result is experienced. The sliding fence is actually beneficial considering that it minimizes hassles in working to users who are working on cutting and making home furniture at any sorts.

Adjustable Handle

If you want to experience maximum comfort, the best way to achieve it is to select a model that has an adjustable handle. There are some models that have multiple handle positions so whenever you use it, you can take control on what you are doing and adjust the grip accordingly. This is very helpful because you can cut materials flawlessly and not harm yourself. So before buying a saw, better choose a product that has a handle for adjusting your movements freely and without hassles. Select the right handle that you can comfortably work out.

Electric Brake

Make sure that when you buy a model, the electric brake is fully functional. This feature is very useful because it enhances your safety whenever you start using the saw. It also helps you cut faster because the blade stops seconds after releasing the trigger. You do not want to cut yourself whenever you cut wooden materials so; do a little research and check the electric brake for you to have a great experience in using a miter saw.

Easy Change Blade System

Easy change blade system is a unique feature of miter saws. The good thing about this is you do not have to change the blades one step at a time once you decide to choose which one works best for you. Making furniture and cutting wooden materials require different blades, making it time consuming. With the easy change blade system of miter saw, it is not hard to change one blade to the other. Time is more preserved that is why you can deliver the work a lot faster than using other kind of saw.

Dust Port

Sawdust is always scattered anywhere whenever you cut a wood. This can mess up your space or even cause respiratory problems. To minimize complications, using a saw with a dust port is highly recommended. A dust bag or a wet/dry vac can be connected to the unit through a dust port. This allows you to collect any sawdust and leave a clear and clean workspace. Errors are also minimized if sawdust is collected from time to time. Hence, having a dust port is important in order to deliver the best results.

Laser Guide

Cutting the wrong direction would be a waste of time and wood. If you want to avoid making mistakes, buy a model that has a laser guide. Laser guides can do a lot of help in ensuring the blade aligned properly on the planned cut. Miter saws can have a single or dual laser. The advantage of having dual lasers is it allows you to see the entire width of the material to be cut. However, if you happen to have a single laser, it will allow you to see the beginning of the cut. Whichever type of lasers you choose; this feature makes it easier to perform accurate cuts.

Saw Stand

With these types of saws there are a number of different types of stands for your portability. You can choose to have a folding stand or a stand with wheels. If you often work on long and wide materials, a stand having extensions would be very helpful. However, it is still your choice to choose a stand for your added convenience.

Key Considerations before Buying

It is definitely hard to choose the right saw for your needs. However, if you are faced with this dilemma, the best way to do is to consider the woodworking projects you will be working with. If you are working on simple and small woodwork, an simple power driven model is recommended. This is not difficult to find because an simple saw does not have complex features. Usually, this only has pivots that can be operated from left to right.

Do not also forget that you will be working on different beveled cuts, a type of cut that is angled on two separate axes. In order for you not to have much difficulty in dealing these cuts, the best way is to have a compound model that pivots on left to right, up and down. Although simple units can do different beveled cuts, it requires a lot of skills to perfect it. Hence, having a compound model would be beneficial in the long run.

Lastly, take note on the size of board you will be cutting. If you are handling a board that is 1 foot long or even greater, it is very convenient to use a sliding unit. This kind of saw is quite similar to compound saws, but its blade is installed in a sliding track in order to maintain a specific angle while cutting a wider board. Whatever kind of model you chose, it is always recommended to assess your needs first and foremost.


There are different kinds of miter saws available in the market. This type of saw is actually portable and best suited for people who deal with cutting boards of different sizes.

Once you have chosen the best model for your needs, always take a look on the instruction manual and follow the safety guidelines.

Most importantly, wear a safety eye wear whenever you use any power saw. This will let you to stay protected while sawdust are scattered at any place.

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